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Important Things to Consider When Buying a Drone for Vlogging


Let’s face it. Drones became doubly famous when YouTube was established. Before YouTube, drones were used in military intelligence operations and photography. Along with the launch of YouTube is the increase in popularity of vlogging, which required the use of drones.

A vlog is a form of a blog wherein the medium is video. Because YouTube remains the main video-sharing site until today, more and more people are engaged in vlogging, wherein they talk on various topics. These videos are then shared on YouTube for their followers to view. Today, vlogging has become the occupation of many individuals who are called vloggers.

The quality of a vlog depends much on three factors, namely, the topic, delivery, and the video. The quality of videos can also rely on the mastery of the vlogger to handle the drone and production processes and the features of the drone itself. To be able to produce high-quality vlogs, a vlogger should practice his craft and buy the best drones with the following features.

vloggerImage Quality

A drone should be able to take vivid videos, whether it is night or day, and on high altitude or low altitude. It should also have clear images on close up. To be able to do so, a drone should have the right pixel resolution required. The thickness of the sensor may also affect the quality of images when taking pictures, but for vlogging, 4k video is the better option than 1080p. It will allow you to shoot cinematic videos.

Hover Stability and Mounted Gimbal

There should be a steady hovering to prevent the drone from constantly rising, falling, or drifting, which can result in blurry clips. The drone should also have a mounted gimbal so that your videos are steady. Some drone may have a gimbal as an accessory or none at all. Gimbals are necessary, so better check on it before buying a new drone, or you will have shaky videos.

Battery Life or Flight Time

The maximum flight time of the drone is well over 30 minutes only. Although some quality drones may have only 20 minutes or more flight time, it is best to buy two or more batteries. You should also master your piloting skills so you will be able to make use of every second optimally.


Carriage Convenience and Other Features

A quadcopter drone may be more inconvenient to carry around than an egg-shaped drone or the Poweregg X, a very unusual drone, (read review). This drone is beautifully crafted that it can also be placed in your living room as decorative stuff.

You should also look for a drone that can be submerged into water. This means that you can have some drone shots even if it is raining or even underwater. There are many other features of drones that you should look for, but most often than not, they are usually common in most leading brands. And if you are not yet adept in piloting your own drone, you can start with drones that are easier to operate.