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Features To Look For When Buying An Electric Toothbrush


Electric toothbrushes are better than manual models. Studies confirm that they clean teeth more efficiently than manual models. Unlike manual toothbrushes, you get a better clean with less effort. To use, you only need to turn the toothbrush on and let it work for you. The other benefit is that you do not need to apply excess pressure for a proper clean. When shopping for an electric toothbrush, you need to pick a device that is best for you. Here are some features to look for when buying an electric toothbrush.

Type of head

When buying a toothbrush, you should look at the toothbrushkind of head or the cleaning action offered by the brush. There are two types of heads to consider when buying an electric toothbrush. You can buy one with a rotating head, or one vibrates (sonic head). Of the two, toothbrushes with rotating heads are more efficient at removing plaque. They are also recommended for individuals with dental braces as they can clean the tight spaces between the wires and the teeth. If you have some dental braces, you can find toothbrushes for braces here.


Most electric toothbrushes have a timer. Most timers last for two minutes, which is the recommended brushing timer. Notwithstanding, some toothbrushes also come with a feature known as the quad pacer. Ideally, this feature breaks down the two minutes into equal thirty-second segments. The idea is to help you distribute your brushing time equally across the four quadrants.

Bristle stiffness

Just like with manual toothbrushes, different electrical toothbrush heads have distinct bristle stiffness. Soft bristles are ideal for persons with sensitive teeth or those with sensitive gums. They are also recommended for individuals with braces as they are more pliable and can reach into those tight spaces between the wires. Another benefit with an electrical toothbrush is that some models can use different heads, which gives you the liberty to choose the stiffness that is friendly to you.

Brushing speeds

electric BrushSome electrical toothbrushes have a variable speed setting. This makes them ideal for different purposes. Moreover, the ability to switch between the various speeds is also quite appealing. For those with sensitive gums. Low-speed settings are ideal for individuals with braces to avoid irritating the gums.

If you are looking for a basic toothbrush for everyday use, you do not need advanced features. With a simple toothbrush, you spend less but miss some advanced features that come with using an electric toothbrush. Ideally, the choice of a toothbrush should be influenced by the condition of your teeth.

Top Mistakes New Electronic Music Producers Make

Increased advancements in technology and popularity of electronic dance music has made it possible for a lot of people to express their talents and themselves through electronic music. The producers submit their creations for people to see with the hope that they will be big names in this industry.

It is quite difficult to get noticed with such influx of many producers. Moreover, a lot of people keep on making mistakes that hinder them from attaining their goals. In this post, you will learn some of the biggest mistakes made by new producers as they try to reach stardom and how they can be avoided.

Mistakes made by music producers

Lack of unique style

Several producchildren playing music ers sound like cookie-cutter clones of the already popular artists. There is a need for an artist to stand out of the cloud. Someone should hear your music and say “well, this is great music, I have never heard before.” Your EDM should have a unique style, which people will not mistake for another person’s. You should note that people are interested to hear something fresh and new. Therefore, you have the opportunity to change the game.

Lack of social media

It is quite surprising that a lot of producers fail to utilize social media and just use very few social media outlets. It is important to note that social media is an important tool when it is used correctly. It is like having a personal database for the people to express themselves. You can use sites such as SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook.

Charging for your music

Most of new produwoman playing violin cers usually run into problems with nearly everyone. Some artists just want to make quick buck as soon as they can. Thus, they post their music exclusively on iTunes, Beatport, and similar platforms. They forget that the most important thing is to let people listen to your music. In fact, it is quite important than anything else. When you force music fans to download your work will result to less exposure and less downloads.

No drive

Drive is something you need to have. Talk and share about the music with every person. Networking is equally important. You can post your work on forums, social media, EDM blogs, and any website that has music fans. You need to keep your drive daily. It will motivate you to push through failures and continue fighting for success. In fact, drive can make a mediocre person great.

General Information About Mist Eliminators


Mist eliminators, also known as demisters or entrainment separators and have been of benefit to many factories and industries for decades. Mist eliminators are equipment designed to get rid of contaminants that come in the form of mist droplets from process air emissions. The most common contaminants that are found in such processes include sulfuric acid mist, chromic acid mist machine coolant mist, just but a few to mention. General information about mist eliminators will give a clue on their types, functions, and applications. Mist eliminators separate mist from a stream of gas to recover products, improve the purity of products, improve emissions and protect the equipment.

Mist Eliminators

Types of mist eliminatorsWire-mesh mist eliminator

The types of mist eliminators include; wire mesh mist eliminators, fibre bed mist eliminators, and baffle-type.

• Wire-mesh mist eliminators – These are the most common mist eliminator in the market, as they remove entrained liquid droplets from streams of gas. They are made of knitted metal mesh and commonly used in vertical flows.

• Fibre-bed mist eliminators – This one consists of fibrous material arranged in columns. These materials remove mist from gas streams as the gas goes through them. The fiber bed mist eliminators are the most efficient and always remove very fine droplets of liquid found in a stream of gas.

• Baffle-type – This one is also called the chevron or vane. It alters the direction of the gas flow, with the aim of making the liquid droplets to collect on the baffle surface. It is efficient and effective for both horizontal and vertical gas flow systems.

How mist eliminators work

The mist eliminator performs its function in a simple, unique way. First of all, it captures the liquid droplets that may be present in a system. After capturing the droplets, it gets rid of them by draining them effectively.

Benefits of using mist eliminators

check listsThe first benefit is that it helps an organization to prevent maintenance costs of its systems and machines. This is because it effectively eliminates the water droplets that may be harmful to the machines and systems. Another benefit originates from its function. It ensures that no liquid droplets pass through the system to cause malfunctions of the system. They are also cost saving and will keep the operation costs as low as possible.


Mist eliminators always ensure that processes in any system run smoothly, effectively and efficiently. Many companies or organizations that use heavy machinery should employ the services of mist eliminators for cost reduction and increased productivity.