What You Need To Know About SSD For Gaming

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A lot of people are not familiar with the exact meaning and function of SSDS. However, IT professionals understand it very well due to its multiple applications. To know more about SSDS and its countless benefits, you will be on the right track. Simply read the following information on solid-state drives, and you’ll become more knowledgeable about it, as well as realize the pure superiority of an SSgame stickD over any other data storage device.

These SSDS are quite similar to the computer memory that already exists in your laptop or netbook. Although the use solid state drives in enterprise and consumer PCs and servers has been rapidly growing lately, SSD technology has been around for many years. I’m sure all of you out there have used a USB flash drive (also referred to as a “thumb drive” or “jump drive”) before. These are using solid state technology, as they store data in a NAND flash memory chip, and do not contain any moving parts! As well, you probably have heard of RAM (random access memory), and if you know what that is, SSDS are constructed just like RAM but contain much more data storage space.
What are the different benefits of SSDS? To answer your question, here are the top reasons why they are in demand in the market;

Can Improve Your Boot-Up and Zip through File Searches

It means that once you turn it one, you can instantly work within a few seconds. SSDS are also 5x faster as compared to other devices.

Start Applications Easily and Has Double FileCompilation Power

With the benefits of SSDS, you are free to get any application. They are also 2x faster when it comes to file compilation compared to HDD. Help in Reducing Power Consumption SSDS requires less energy as compared to any device. They can also add an average of 30 minutes to battery life. With this, you can have a chance to save more money.

Multitasking and Cut Video-Editing

Time SSDS handles various programs. It means that you can crop images and load game maps without having any trouble. Can Carry Anywhere If you need to finish your tasks, you can carry this SSDS anywhere you want. Since they exceed in handling vibration, temperature, and shock, you are free to use them in various places


SSDSSDS can sustain harsher and jostle atmospheres compared to hard disk drive. They are also quieter and weigh less than other devices. Super FAST Data Read and Write Rates SSDS data can be read instantly since the drive does not require spinning up the drive platter. The drive heads also don’t move, unlike others. SSDS can also increase the read/write rates due to their lack of mechanical delays. As a result, it leads to better productivity.

Tips For Choosing the Best Gaming Chair

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Enthusiastic gamers select their gadgets with a keen as they know what it is to enjoy the best. A combination of the best collection of gaming accessories makes the difference between an ordinary experience and fantastic one. A gaming chair is one of the greatest determinants of any gaming experience. People sit for long hours especially the games reviews, and they need utmost comfort. If you would like to have the best gaming chair, then some research will be paramount. On the other hand, this article will provide the best tips to follow when looking for a good gaming chair.

black chairTips for choosing the best gaming chair

Buying a gaming chair can be an arduous process particularly if one is a beginner and has no right information. The Internet is full of misleading information and more so, from of those sellers are only after getting money from customers.

Do a web search

People can now enjoy the intense use of the Internet to perform various tasks in life. Sellers have moved from using the physical shops and turned to web shops. Therefore, a search using the search engine will give a wide selection for one to choose from. It is also here that one will need to read all the features of such a chair and see if they tally with the preference you have.

Alternatively, one can also rely on review websites which provide up to date information on new gaming chairs entering the market, their features, price and a link from a reliable seller. As a matter of fact, review websites offer the most trusted information and all in one-page comparison.

Check all the features

man on laptopGaming chairs are known to be ergonomically made for the best comfort at all times. They have adjustable parts like arm rest, head rest, height and even the foot rest to provide the most comfortable position.
Another feature to check is the material that makes the chair. As much as leather or fabric are the most popular, they need to have breathing spaces to avoid excessive sweating during the long hours of sitting.

Still, on features, a gamer will need a chair with some enhancements like audio output and vibrations movements. Today, the innovation has enabled people to come up with such devices.


As a beginner, the above information will help you to choose a gaming chair worth your budget. It may not be very expensive but will need to provide value for money.

Features Of The Best Gaming Laptops

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Enthusiast gamers do not settle for anything less than a fast, smooth, colorful and bold audio pieces of a gadget. Gaming laptops are relatively expensive and but in the recent years, manufacturers have been working hard to produce the best combination of features at affordable prices. You may be interested in checking some examples of the best gaming laptops under 800. Such laptops plus the other gaming laptops should have the following features.

Features of the best gaming laptops

Graphics cards

laptopGaming is all about graphics. A laptop with poor graphics does not qualify to be in the gaming category. If you are keen, even the sales adverts for these laptops put more emphasis on graphics than anything else. Most popular and reputable companies that make graphic cards are AMD and NVIDIA and they are well popular in the gaming terminologies. They make both low end to the high end depending on the category of the laptop. Gaming laptops use dedicated graphic cards, and together with the RAM, they create the best visual illustration a gamer needs.


For a gamer, the second equally important consideration will be RAM. Without a good RAM, then the gaming option is still a dream. Games store information temporarily on the RAM and the more it is the better the performance. The graphics card also greatly relies on the RAM to deliver its purpose. Most gaming laptops do well with 8GB RAM and above. Anything below that will have difficulties to run smoothly even if with a good graphics card.


CPUsThe central processing unit also determines the speed at which the laptop processes the information. Games have a lot of information to be processed at one single time and therefore requires the best CPUs. High-end games like assassins creed need more power than the low-end games. Only high-end processors can handle them. The i7 series is the best in the market and also the best for a gaming laptop. The i5 series will still give enough power for most games but will strain to play high-end games.

The screen resolution

Gaming is more about the visual, and the more vivid the screen is, the more enjoyable the game is. Most gaming laptops are fitted with more pixels screens which start from 1080p (FHD) screens and above. Today, technology advancement has seen a great entrant of 4K resolution thus making gaming screens more fun to interact with.

Why Grind When You Can Mastermind Castle Clash Hack

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Castle Clash is a popular multi-platform video game with millions of devoted players. Castle Clash continues to rank in the high fours, and developers have released equally popular sequels and add-ons like the current Rise of the Beasts.

How to go about Castle Clash hack

Grinding on Castle Clash

keyboardConsistently high ratings and an ever-increasing fan base attest to the excellent –and rather addictive- game-play in Castle Clash. But there are lingering frustrations for significant numbers of those players. No one likes to ‘grind’ – undertaking repetitive tasks to build basic skills and inventory before you’re able to engage in the strategic gameplay. For the first few days of castle clashing, players are mostly grinding, with little chance to use their skill or test out the games awesome siege mechanics. But what if there were a real Castle Clash hack that could let you amass all the gold, gems and mana you needed to launch your

Castle-Clash hack: How it works

A real Castle Clash hack tricks the game’s code into thinking that your account is busily grinding away, mining gold, gems, and mana and stocking up your account. Is this technically cheating? Sure, maybe. But we like to think of it as a way to skip the grinding and get right to the skill-based component of the game. And judging by the online forum interest in finding a real Castle Clash hack, your battle opponents are likely to be using a hack themselves.

Hacks: an honorable history

Hacking and cheating is a time-honored part of video gaming and has been around since the earliest consoles. Mostly hacks appear as bugs –mistakes in the code- or as exploits that game designers didn’t notice when they were beta testing. But many games in the nineties, thousands (and even now) deliberately include hacks, waiting to be found by hardcore fans. These hacks are almost a type of ‘Easter egg’ – a reward for serious devotees. So if you found this article because you’re looking for Only real castle clash hack, know that you’re part of a long tradition of passionate players!

How to install and run a real Castle Clash hack

hackSoon after you download and install this real Castle Clash hack, you’ll have plenty of resources available to the account you use to launch your missions in Castle Clash. The hack simply loads and runs in the background, stockpiling gold, gems, and mana for your character to use at will so that you can focus on the exciting part of game.