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Who Needs a 17” Laptop?

home laptopOne of the most important factors to consider when buying a laptop is the screen size. While some people fancy using a portable laptop with a mid-sized screen, others love using laptops with larger screens. Ideally, individuals shopping for laptops with a large screen usually have particular preferences.


Avid gamers mostly use 17-inch laptops. While the screen size does not have a lot to do with the speed of the computer, it does enhance the gaming experience in many ways. For instance, gamers do not need to struggle to look for fine details. The ability to see often gives gamers a competitive edge over gamers who use small-sized laptops. Bigger screens favor multi-player games, especially when two or more players have to play from the same device.  

Graphic Designers

Another area where 17-inch laptops are needed is in graphic design. As much as the screen size has to be complemented by a reasonably higher resolution, to ensure that images on the laptop do not look blurry. If you are a designer or a photographer, 17-inch laptops will undoubtedly help you with your editing chores. Unlike desktop, 17-inch laptops are reasonably portable.


In the past, most families had a shared computer. This computer is often used for simple computing tasks or entertainment. If you are shopping for a family computer or laptop, a 17-inch laptop can be a perfect addition. The good thing about 17-inch laptops is that they take less space compared to their desktop counterparts. With most people owning a computer, the popularity of the need for these large-sized in households has been reducing.

From the categories of users, it is evident that gamers and graphic designers need 17-inch laptops more than family users. Nothing beats a laptop with a large screen and resolution for both classes. But it would help if you also looked at other parameters such as the processing speeds, storage space, and battery life for an all-round experience.