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Beginner’s Guide To Explainer Videos For Marketing


Probably, you are a beginner in this marketing concept because your business is new or had not considered it before. Just like many other companies who have succeeded in marketing after embracing it, you too need to follow suit. Of course, the bottom line of any business is to make a profit and if there is a better concept to achieve that then why not try? According to an experienced, SEO expert, who offers the best explainer videos UK, this concept has been used for decades and the much difference with today’s is how it is delivered to the audience.

Beginner’s guide to explainer videos

What is an explainer video

websiteThe name pre-empts it all. Companies make a video intended for their potential customers telling them who they are, and the reason they are in business. It is an informative video describing the business product as the main focus and its benefits to the customers.

What are the main features of an explainer video

Such videos are highly though since they must be short yet contain all the information about the business. Most videos include the business mission and vision, slogan and then concentrates on selling the product. Towards the end, the business needs to share their contacts just in case potential customers need to consult more. Other features like websites, and social media pages will also be shared.

Benefits of explainer videos

Well, this is a breakthrough in the marketing industry after discovering that human beings are 40% more visual than readers of text media. Therefore, why not bring them something they will get attracted to. When people visit your website, for example, the first thing they will notice are the graphics images and any video link. They are also more likely to click the video than any text links. Also, a video can easily be shared using the available platforms especially if interesting.

Different ways to share an explainer video

Technology has made marketing easier today. Just imagine sending a video link to someone in another continent, and they have the video within a sec. That is amazing. Well, when it comes to explainer video sharing for marketing purposes, the popular methods used are;

  • socialsSharing on the companies website
  • Sharing on youtube and other video streaming sites
  • Sharing on social media like Facebook and Twitter
  • Sharing at a conference using DVDs
  • Sharing via Emails

Explainer videos are effective and cheap ways of marketing your business. Just like branding or SEO services, let an experts handle the production of the video so as to include all the professional aspects.