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For using reverse geocoding services

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When it comes to using reverse geocoding services, you may want to slip away from Google’s mainstream GPS services. If this is the case, there are multiple services out there that can give you the same quality and benefits if you’re looking for an alternative service for reverse geocoding.

Arcgis server

For the uninitiated, the ArcGIS Server is great if you want to make your own maps or enter your own values. It’s a service which can let you customize your search from anything from specific restaurants, football fields to your favorite shopping centers. Its desktop software has also had some quite good reviews for those of you just learning.

The great thing about ArcGIS Server is that it supports a multitude of applications for customer management and business, shipping and distribution to know where you want to go. ArcGIS is a server that lets you do all the work and programming to your own needs and suitability to customize your own coding and information.


mapLocationiq is a geoservice that isn’t free but proudly boasts SSD response within milliseconds. It works with OpenStreetMaps, which gives you the ability to customize your own information and data. To be a developer is free for 30,000 requests a day.

If that’s not enough, you can get the Startup plan for $45 a month which gives you 100,000 requests a day for the more experienced user. There is also the Business plan which sells for $95 a month that allows up to 300,000 requests a day.

Texas A&M Geoservices

To the kindness and generosity of Texas A&M, they have a completely free Geo service. For the last seven years, they have been working on their current Geocoding service which can turn latitude and longitude data into postal address values.

As for services, Texas A&M Geoservices hosts numerous amounts of services where you can customize and edit your own service. This also includes Batch Reverse Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding API’s, Interactive Reverse Geocoding, Platform details and more.

Texas A&M Geoservices is the best option if you’re just starting to learn or experiment with Geocoding software.

What Is Best For You?

geocoding Using reverse geocoding services can be quite easy depending on your experience and needs. There are many great free services out there. The problem with these free services is that they often aren’t as reliable as the paid services.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while and you’re willing to spend a bit of money on great services then LocationIQ is a great place to start.