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Features Of The Best Gaming Laptops

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Enthusiast gamers do not settle for anything less than a fast, smooth, colorful and bold audio pieces of a gadget. Gaming laptops are relatively expensive and but in the recent years, manufacturers have been working hard to produce the best combination of features at affordable prices. You may be interested in checking some examples of the best gaming laptops under 800. Such laptops plus the other gaming laptops should have the following features.

Features of the best gaming laptops

Graphics cards

laptopGaming is all about graphics. A laptop with poor graphics does not qualify to be in the gaming category. If you are keen, even the sales adverts for these laptops put more emphasis on graphics than anything else. Most popular and reputable companies that make graphic cards are AMD and NVIDIA and they are well popular in the gaming terminologies. They make both low end to the high end depending on the category of the laptop. Gaming laptops use dedicated graphic cards, and together with the RAM, they create the best visual illustration a gamer needs.


For a gamer, the second equally important consideration will be RAM. Without a good RAM, then the gaming option is still a dream. Games store information temporarily on the RAM and the more it is the better the performance. The graphics card also greatly relies on the RAM to deliver its purpose. Most gaming laptops do well with 8GB RAM and above. Anything below that will have difficulties to run smoothly even if with a good graphics card.


CPUsThe central processing unit also determines the speed at which the laptop processes the information. Games have a lot of information to be processed at one single time and therefore requires the best CPUs. High-end games like assassins creed need more power than the low-end games. Only high-end processors can handle them. The i7 series is the best in the market and also the best for a gaming laptop. The i5 series will still give enough power for most games but will strain to play high-end games.

The screen resolution

Gaming is more about the visual, and the more vivid the screen is, the more enjoyable the game is. Most gaming laptops are fitted with more pixels screens which start from 1080p (FHD) screens and above. Today, technology advancement has seen a great entrant of 4K resolution thus making gaming screens more fun to interact with.